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Friday, July 15, 2011

Publishing Schedule:

For those of you who have been following the less-than-dramatic exploits of Jason Scott Gleason, Writer Extraordinaire, I've decided to publish my book through Kindle. Finding an agent and publisher could take a year or more, and I'm sure you all know that I am not that patient of a person. Besides, online publishing has been successful for a LOT of people now, and has led to agents and publishers for future books, so I think it might be the right route to follow.

My plan is to publish the book in the beginning of September. I'm working on editing now, and have two maps and a cover to work out. In the mid to late August, I'll format it for Kindle, and once it's just about ready I'll set a date. Then I'll blitz everyone I know to buy a copy (I'm doing the 99 cent special), read it, and write a review.

If anyone has a copy and wants to give me feedback, please do so ASAP, so I can have the chance to work with it. Furthermore, if anyone would like a copy of the current draft, I'm always accepting critiques!

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