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Friday, July 15, 2011

Erosan's Tears: Draft 3

I'm in the middle of Draft 3 of Erosan's Tears, and I'm tinkering with a few ideas. One is taking out the profanity. Right now there are a lot of F-bombs in the book, which fit the feel that I'm going for, but I'm concerned that it might be off-putting to some readers.

Another thing I've done is develop the backstory between Raelyn and Callais. I was accused of writing Callais as a two dimensional character, and I've tried to give her a soul.

I also have to mystify the main antagonist a bit. I've gotten called out on making it too easy to figure out who the primary bad guy is, and that SUCKS for a mystery novel. One person figuring it out is one too many, IMHO. I think I have plenty of red herrings, so I'll have to scale back some of the details about him. I just have to do it in a way that doesn't make the reader say, "how was I supposed to figure THAT out?!?" Too easy is bad; impossible is worse.

Those of you who have read it--thoughts?

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